Preventive Maintenance/Repair

Proactive Approach

Prism works with many clients to establish and implement long-term maintenance plans to take care of issues before they become problems.

Regular maintenance of your electrical systems provides many benefits including:

  • Reduce the downtime of your electrical systems
  • Decreasing energy consumption and cost
  • Reducing the risk of emergency repairs
  • Decrease insurance rates

Prism Electric offers a full array of maintenance services including:

  • Thermographic imaging
  • Power quality analysis
  • Torque & clean
  • Ground resistance testing
  • Generator testing and maintenance
  • Transformer oil & gas analysis
  • Back-up system installation and testing



Bobby DeRossett 972.926.2000

Austin / San Antonio

Bruce Romberger 512.926.2000


Gary Lumsden 713.864.7800

Fort Worth

Kevin Zabinski 817.926.2000


Jeff McGuire 918.425.2000


Paul Roberts 580.226.9400

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